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What do the Response Codes mean?

Response Code Event Explanation
000 Valid Query
001 Invalid Query Format e.g. there is no number in the query.
002 Query Service invalid Either the service type is not authorised or incorrect.
003 Country Not Allowed Customer does not have access to the country.
004 Country Code Invalid The country code presented is not valid.
005 Wrong Number Length or Format Queried number is wrong length, or contains invalid characters.
006 Range Not Allocated Range is not valid, or range is not allocated to a provider
007 Number Not Found – Onboard The queried number cannot be found for an onboard country.
008 Number Not Found – Remote The queried number cannot be found for a remote country.
009 Service Error General failure of the service to resolve the query correctly.
010 Remote Timeout The query to the remote destination timed-out.
013 Rate Limit Reached The QPS rate limit (either specific customer or PoP) has been reached and the query was rejected.