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What results will Mobilecheck API return?

The api returns data in JSON format


"network":"O2 Ltd",
"country":"United Kingdom",

Mobilecheck returns the following data via the api:

Data Example Description
MCC/MNC 23410 Mobile country code & Mobile network code
Country Prefix 234 Mobile country code (e.g. 234 = United Kingdom)
Net Prefix 10 Mobile network code (e.g. 10 = O2 Ltd)
Tel No 447732xxxxxx Mobile Number (International Format)
Serving MSC 447810xxxxxxx Mobile Switching Centre
IMSI 23410015961xxxx International mobile subscriber identity
Status OK Handset status (see Status codes for detailed information)
Network Operator O2 Ltd Current Mobile Network
Country ISO code GB 2 Digit ISO code
Country United Kingdom Country Name
Country Dialling Code 44 Country Dialling Code
Credits 5540 Remaining Credits